DTSJ Brewing was founded in 2018 in San Jose, CA. Our two founders spent nearly all of their lives in San Jose. They met in high school at Mt Pleasant High School and spent their careers in tech, here in the Silicon Valley. Both began homebrewing as an extension from the love of beer. As is often the case with these things, a few beers led to discussions of opening a commercial brewery, and the rest is history, as they say. We received our Federal and California brewers permits in mid 2019 and quickly got to work brewing.

Our Brewing System

We have a natural gas fired 3 barrel system. The brewing system was purposely designed to be able to perform complicated mash processes traditionally used by Continental beer styles. It is very flexible and allows us to make modern styles such as IPA and Stout, but also allows us to do decoction, step mashing and raw ales, where the wort is not boiled. Many of these techniques require more effort than modern methods, but they also produce results that cannot be duplicated in other ways. Our largest fermentation tanks are 5 barrels, and also age beer in wine and spirit barrels. The barrel aged beers are typically very small releases, with as few as 60 bottles available from these small batches.


At present, the location that we are in does not allow us to set up a taproom or restaurant. As we grow, we intend to create a comfortable environment for you to enjoy all of our beers. For now, we hope you will follow our social media and enjoy our beers at our partners taprooms.