Kveik is a Norwegian word that refers to a “family yeast.” In the old days, farmhouse brewers in Norway had their own house yeast culture that was used to brew beer for special occasions on their farm. The yeast was passed down from grandmother to grandson. The cultures were often mixed together with cultures from […]

Recipe – Brookwood Amber

Dave’s pick This is the first in our recipe series. Whether you’re an experienced homebrewer or just starting out, working with other peoples recipes is a great way to learn and get new ideas. The first in our series is a recipe that is a “Dave’s pick.” He’ll be the first to tell you that […]


Thank you for your interest in DTSJ Brewing. We started building the brewery in July 2018, and received our brewers licenses in July of 2019. We hope you will try our beers and see what we’re all about! Look for us in your favorite taproom. If they don’t have our beer, please ask them to […]