We’ll be pouring two beers at the Gala. We hope to see you there!

Let the Cowboys Ride – IPA

We were able to get ahold of a small amount of an experimental hop called BRU-1. It’s one wild west of a hop! Massive overripe pineapple on the nose and palate along with melon, fruit punch and melon rind on the finish. We didn’t go crazy with bitterness either. A small amount of chinook hops provide the majority of the bitterness. Finally, we fermented it with one of our house clean yeasts in order to really let the hops shine through. Bob Segar’s “Against The Wind” set the stage for the brew, and we lifted “Let the Cowboys Ride” from the lyrics of the song. It’s highly drinkable at 7.2% ABV and 35 IBU.

The Cannibal – Belgian Abbey Style Quad

Belgians love to ride bicycles. Probably the most famous Belgian cyclist of them all is Eddy Merckx. With 11 Grand Tour victories to his name, he earned the nickname ” The Cannibal.” 

We brewed this beer using traditional Abbaye methods, which result in a smooth, subtle beer with tiny foam bubbles that hides its strength. 100% Admiral Maltings, from Alameda, CA, grains provide the foundation of the beer. Admiral Pils and Gallagher’s Best malts were used. We raised the temperature during the mashing process in order to create the correct foam and improve extraction. A traditional Abbaye yeast was used and strict temperature control in order to control some of the flavors normally associated with Belgian beers. Keg and bottle are naturally carbonated. Drink before 2021. Collaboration with A Belgian’s Beer Diary. Artwork by Leroid

Fabricator – Belgian Style Pale Ale

We pay tribute to the hard working men and women that build things for us. Our good friend Randy built the stands hold our brewing equipment and this one is for him! He’s the real Fabricator.

Pale ale is the beer that Belgians drink every day. It’s the working man and woman’s treat after a hard day at work. 100% Dingemans Belgian malts and traditional European hops were used on this beer. We used a special yeast culture from East Flanders in order to capture the correct Belgian flavors and strictly controlled fermentation temperature in order to balance the fruit and spice character that the yeast produces. It’s designed to be enjoyable to sip and also refreshing to drink. Santé!

Fill Your Heart With Niceness – IPA

It’s the holiday season. You’ve got presents to buy and parties to plan. Politics are polarized. It’s easy to get stressed out! Take a break and enjoy a juicy IPA that will take your cares away. In the immortal words of Mister Pato Banton, “Fill Your Heart With Niceness!”

We brewed this beer using one of our favorite pale malts and just a touch of German Munich malt. We added enough chinook hops to provide mild earthy bitterness and then went crazy with enigma hops in the whirlpool and dry hop. We then fermented it with one of our house clean yeasts. This beer is bursting with mango, green grapes, unripe mango and a bit of berries! No fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.

No Ska In The Morning – Munich Dunkel

In Nov, 2019 we opened up the brewery to three talented ladies from the local brewing community. Joanna Dunham was the head brewer on the project and Casey Cooksey and Morgane from A Belgian’s Beer Diary the assistant brewers. They wanted to produce a traditional continental lager and donate some money to a local charity. The result is No Ska in the Morning! What exactly is a Munich Dunkel? It’s a dark lager produced with caramel roasted malt and roast malt that has no husk. The combination of these malts produces a dry caramel and roast beer without being harsh or bready. German malts and traditional decoction mashing were used to produce a malty profile with gentle roast flavors and hints of vanilla. Sterling hops were added conservatively in order to balance the beer, but allow the malt and roast to shine. It was then fermented with a traditional Munich lager yeast in order to achieve the correct clean finish. Finally, the beer was lagered for 6 weeks before packaging. As is customary with some German lagers, you may notice some slight sulfur on the nose, which will dissipate quickly.

Stonegate – Irish Export Stout

Paying homage to both Ireland and San Jose, Stonegate is a classic stout. Massive coffee, chocolate and toasted bread on the nose. Coffee, dark chocolate and rye bread on the palate and a firm earthy bitter finish. One of our brewers grew up in the Stonegate neighborhood of San Jose and Stonegate is home to one of the world’s most famous stout breweries in Ireland. Enjoy the roastiness! We made some small changes to the recipe from last year.

Version 2.0 release notes:
Reduced bitterness from 37 to 33 IBU
Raised ABV to 6.4%